Terms to Follow

The MFGSYS Travel and Tours would like to inform every reader, follower and traveler out there that the MFGSYS Blog is only providing information about travels and tours. We are not offering any travel agency services, such as booking or reservations of flights, hotels, transportations and restaurants. Therefore, we will never ask you any of your personal details as well as your credit card numbers.

We do not make transactions involving payments for any service. So, if someone is using our blog site just to collect money, then you better get the identity of that person for verification and then, if found guilty in online scamming cases, then we are going to report this scammer. We care about our valued readers and we do not want them to be victims of such illegal actions.

All information that you can find posted on our page are all original. We do not allow contributors or writers to send us copied articles. Whoever is found guilty for this act will be removed from the list of our content team. We have respect for other blogs that is why we will not let any of our team members to do something that will make other website blogs to disrespect us.

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