Planning a Trip to Perth

Not so many people were given the chance to come and visit Perth. Even those who are from Australia cannot have time to travel in Perth because they are too preoccupied with workload and household chores. It could have been better, if once given a chance to have a tour in Perth, then you have to grab it because this is just a one-time opportunity.

Most of the people are busy with their career every day. Now, why don’t you give yourself a chance to visit the city, where you can do a lot of different things, not only during the night, but even during the day? Most visitors might be thinking only about what they must do at night, especially for entertainment. But, there are also things that you can do during the day. In my opinion, this is the best time for visitors to roam around the city.

What can we do at a day time tour in Perth?

  • If you in the city centre, then you just need to catch a 25-minute going to the northeast and you will reach the Swan Valley, which is actually the oldest winemaking region in the Western part of Australia. You can also find here micro breweries, producing beer. If you are lucky enough, then you can have a free taste of those world-class wines and beers.
  • You may go to the Avon Valley, which is a bit far from the city because it will take you two hours to reach the place. This is a good spot for a view of the wildflowers. And then, if you are up the hills, then you can surely have a nice picturesque of the valley. It could have been better, if you can also try riding on the Windward Balloon Adventures in Northam. When you feel that hunger, then you would surely enjoy an artisan meal from the monastery and have your thirst quenched in the Abbey Ale.
  • Why don’t you go to the Rottnest Island for quokkas? You may reach this island through a ferry ride and it would take you an hour and 30 minutes. Quokkas are tiny wallabies and they are famous here. You may also get some bicycles and roam around the island. And then, you would surely want to check out the nocturnal marsupials, so you better sleep there for at least a night for an experience.
  • And then, head to the southern part of Perth and go to Busselton, where you can find the longest wooden pier in the whole world. You should try the underwater observatory through ah jetty. You would surely feel amazed with the dolphins as they frolic in the Geographe Bay.
  • It could have been better, if you can also check out the desert sculptures, which is in the Pinnacles. They have here amazing limestone formations or pillars and it is near the Cervantes, which is a gateway to the Nambung National Park and with Pinnacles Loop. This is actually in the northern part of Perth.


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