Let’s go to the Kingdom of Morocco

As a traveler, you surely have plans of traveling around the world, especially in the most visited and famous countries. Actually, that is a dream that everybody may wish for. Who knows, you can someday fulfill your dreams. So, why don’t you make a list of the countries that you would like to visit someday? And then, under each country, you have to list down the tourist attractions as well as the foods that you would like to try there.

It could have been better, if we can all make our dreams come true. But, we are not all fortunate and lucky enough. So, if you are someone, who has the opportunity to travel abroad, then do not ever let that chance pass by. They say that opportunity only knocks ones, so if it is there, then open the door and let it in.

One of the countries that might be on your list is the Kingdom of Morocco, which is actually in the region of North Africa and a homeland of the Berber people. Actually, Morocco is an ideal country to visit, especially if you love mountain hiking, adventure, camping, trekking and cruising. And then, it is also a great spot to visit, if you simply love landscapes and nature’s picturesque. Now, let me take you into a few tourist spots of Morocco.

The Marrakesh Medina

This spot is very famous both for local and foreign visitors. This is an old city with a plaza. You can find here different trading and entertainment spots. Indeed, this is a great place to buy souvenir items as well to taste different varieties of foods from Morocco. When you come here in the evening, you can find the place alive because there are traditional musicians performing as well as acrobats and snake charmers.

The Hassan II Mosque

This mosque is a landmark of Casablanca because it symbolizes Morocco itself. Do you know that about 10,00o artisan completed this 2 hectare site? This is a contemporary and a traditional architectural design of Islam.

The Oudaias Kasbah

If you are looking for a great picturesque, then the Oudaias Kasbah of Rabat is what you are looking for. This place is very far from the city center, so it is a great escape from the crowd of the city. But, what is really amazing here are the houses in colors white and blue. Aside from that you will also find here flower pots with really different colors. This is also an ideal place to experience a real culture of Morocco.

The Chefchaouen

This is an ideal spot for mountain climbers, hikers and trekkers because this is where you can have a great view of the medina. So, you better prepare your bags and start an early hiking in the Rif Mountains.

The Volubilis

This is a Roman Ruin, which is an ideal spot for travelers, who love studying about History. You can find here notable mosaics. And then they have temples, too, that will remind everybody that even the ultimate empires softens.

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