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The MFGSYS Travel and Tours would like to encourage every reader, especially travelers to share us your memorable and the best touring experience. You may also attach relevant photos with brief descriptions. It is not necessary to use your real names and we can always hide your identity as you wish.

If you have suggestions and recommendations about tourist spots or attractions that other travelers have not yet seen, then we would highly appreciate it if you can share the location to us. Through this we can promote tourism in those areas. That would benefit people, who would like to developer establish business there.

If you know places that are risky or you find it dangerous to visit, then you may also share that with us provided that the information is true. You may also post us pictures why it is considered unsafe. And then, it would be best if you can give the exact location of this place. This would serve as a warning to travelers, so that they can bring the necessary safety precautions if they would like to see how’s the place and for experience sake.

We would like to apologize for any inconvenience we have caused you, especially when it comes to sending replies to your queries because we have a lot of travelers to attend to. For your messages, please send it via e-mail at

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