Attractive spots to visit in Las Vegas

Most of the people, who are traveling to Las Vegas come and play casino. But, that is not the only thing you can do there. Las Vegas is not just a place for gambling. As tourists, you must learn how to have fun in Las Vegas because sometimes, gambling gets boring. So, do not ever think that this place is not for you because you don’t play gambling games.

Shopping is already a part of any tour because you can always go to different shopping malls or souvenir shops. It is also usual to eat different cuisines. So, what else is new when you are traveling? It’s the fun and excitement that count anyway.

Aside from the iconic spots in Las Vegas, such as the Mirage Volcano as well as the Fountain of Bellagio. Do you know that there are a lot of attractions and activities to do in Las Vegas? We have here a few activities for you to do, so that you can have a taste of the different attractive spots that you and your friends will surely love.

Helicopter Ride

Have you ever tried riding a helicopter? We are talking about a real helicopter here. This will surely be one of the best and most memorable experience that you would love to try when you come to Las Vegas. You may choose a ride during the day or night, whatever time you prefer. You have to book for this helicopter ride and they will surely come and pick you up from your hotel. With this ride, you can enjoy the view of the Stratosphere Tower as well as the exploding Mirage Volcano and the dancing Bellagio fountain.

Aside from that view, you may also choose to have a look of the Hoover Dam, which is actually a landmark in the field of engineering. From here, you can also have a good view of the Lake Mead and the Grand Canyon.

Stratosphere Ride

You have seen the view of the Stratosphere Tower when you had a helicopter ride. So, why don’t you try the adventure rides from the Tinggly. Can you imagine how high a 109 story building? And then, you will fall in a blast from a 160-feet height going down? This is a real adventure and a lot of fun. It will really take you a lot of courage to do this. Anyway, you can also have an access to their observation deck, so this might be your next activity. After that, you can have a drink at the Airbar.

Watch Shows

If you are looking for entertainment, then you must be watching shows in Las Vegas while you are there. They have a lot of options for you, such as theatre shows, stand-up comedy shows and live musical shows like the Cirque du Soleil. You just need to check the schedule of their performances. Many celebrities are coming here to have a show. So, just ask if there are performances scheduled. If you are in Las Vegas, do not ever miss all the great things that you can only find there.

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