I hired a luxury car!

Hiring a luxury car in Perth is sometimes somewhat stressful, especially when you are traveling. We know that you consider your time and thinking, if the car would be there on time. Pretty sure that you might even call and check the car rental company often just to give you an update about this luxury car that you would like to rent. Anyway, that is a normal thing because we just do not want to lose a very important meeting or event in our lives.

That is why we need to consider a few things before choosing a luxury car hire in Perth. Anyway, we have here a few tips for you when dealing with car rental companies in Perth.

Consider the needs

There are various car hire companies in Perth and they all offer the same cars, but different features and configurations. So, can you find the luxury that you need from this particular company? Now, they may have your type of car, but is it available or taken?

If you can get this luxury car, then are the configuration or transmission of this car what you are looking for? For example, you prefer an automatic car, but the one that is available is manual only. Will you feel convenient and comfortable with that?

Now, how about the features of the car? Let’s say that you would like it to have a GPS, set up with a sound system and portable television. Is it installed in that luxury car? And then, how about the speed of the car? Check if it is fast enough for the type of activity that you would be attending.

Conduct an Investigation or Research

This has something to do with the sizes of the cars available in that particular company. The size that you may be needing might be different from the size that is offered by that company. Remember that sizes may vary, depending on the country’s use of terms. So, it would be best to make a preliminary research just to make sure that you are renting the right size or type of luxury car.

Flexible time

When you are hiring a luxury type of car, you have to remember that many travelers would also want to hire it. So, do not go online and book the car that you want to rent a day or two before your travel schedule.

Sometimes, it would be best to plan and book a month before you need it. And then, you will just need to follow up every time about your booking. In such a way, the car rental company would not think that you are not already interested hiring a car. Though there are also car hire companies, who follow up and call clients, who would like to rent when the car is already available.

Anyway, what’s really nice with booking early is that, the car hire company can also adjust their schedule. When they know when exactly you will be needing the car, then they will fix the car’s schedule for you.

Short Trip to Sydney

As a traveler, pretty sure that you would love to go around the world, even just for a short time. At least, you can say that you have gone to different countries and have been to different tourist spots in the world. It could have been better, if you can find time to visit Australia, especially in Sydney. We all know that everything in Sydney is expensive, but coming here in just a few days would surely be a memorable one.

Let’s say that you were only given three days to move around Sydney. I’m sure you will find it too shortly after this short trip. But, this would surely be a reason for you to come back again to Sydney. Do you know that even if you were only given 3 days to visit Sydney, you can do a lot of things and you can go to different spots here?

In those 3 days, you need to make sure that you will know where the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Bondi, Bronte and Hunter Valley are. You can always go anywhere in Sydney by bus, train, taxi or private car. Anyway, just choose any mode of transportation that would be very convenient and comfortable for you. The city is populated and crowded, so expect to see people coming from all corners and streets.

On your first day

Make sure to wake up early and climb up the Sydney Harbour Bridge because this is an ideal spot for the sun rise. This bridge is 440 feet or 134 meters above the sea level. You can find laneways of cobblestones nearby from the Rocks. This is a great way for you to learn a bit of Sydney’s history. You can also find a market here on the weekends, where you can see a showcase of handmade jewelries as well as original artworks. From here, you will reach the Circular Quay, where you can find the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Just stroll around and you will reach the Art Gallery of New South Wales, where you can find the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander masterpiece. After this, why don’t you spend the evening at the Sydney Theatre Company in Walsh Bay and have some drink at the Theatre Bar.

On you second day

If you feel like swimming or even have a surfing lesson, then come to the Bondi Beach. You may also find some shops along the Gould Street for fashion clothes. This would be fun, right?

You may also go to the Surry Hills and Paddington, walk along the Oxford Street for more fashion ideas.

On your third day

You may go to the finest wineries in Australia, such as Lovedale and Shiraz. Take some of your time to have a cooking class.

End the tour by visiting the Hunter Valley for different activities. They have here golf courses, hot air balloon and horse riding.

If you still have time, then roam along the Bushwalk at Yengo National Park, heritage sites, galleries, antiques as well as historic villages.

Planning a Trip to Perth

Not so many people were given the chance to come and visit Perth. Even those who are from Australia cannot have time to travel in Perth because they are too preoccupied with workload and household chores. It could have been better, if once given a chance to have a tour in Perth, then you have to grab it because this is just a one-time opportunity.

Most of the people are busy with their career every day. Now, why don’t you give yourself a chance to visit the city, where you can do a lot of different things, not only during the night, but even during the day? Most visitors might be thinking only about what they must do at night, especially for entertainment. But, there are also things that you can do during the day. In my opinion, this is the best time for visitors to roam around the city.

What can we do at a day time tour in Perth?

  • If you in the city centre, then you just need to catch a 25-minute going to the northeast and you will reach the Swan Valley, which is actually the oldest winemaking region in the Western part of Australia. You can also find here micro breweries, producing beer. If you are lucky enough, then you can have a free taste of those world-class wines and beers.
  • You may go to the Avon Valley, which is a bit far from the city because it will take you two hours to reach the place. This is a good spot for a view of the wildflowers. And then, if you are up the hills, then you can surely have a nice picturesque of the valley. It could have been better, if you can also try riding on the Windward Balloon Adventures in Northam. When you feel that hunger, then you would surely enjoy an artisan meal from the monastery and have your thirst quenched in the Abbey Ale.
  • Why don’t you go to the Rottnest Island for quokkas? You may reach this island through a ferry ride and it would take you an hour and 30 minutes. Quokkas are tiny wallabies and they are famous here. You may also get some bicycles and roam around the island. And then, you would surely want to check out the nocturnal marsupials, so you better sleep there for at least a night for an experience.
  • And then, head to the southern part of Perth and go to Busselton, where you can find the longest wooden pier in the whole world. You should try the underwater observatory through ah jetty. You would surely feel amazed with the dolphins as they frolic in the Geographe Bay.
  • It could have been better, if you can also check out the desert sculptures, which is in the Pinnacles. They have here amazing limestone formations or pillars and it is near the Cervantes, which is a gateway to the Nambung National Park and with Pinnacles Loop. This is actually in the northern part of Perth.


The Wonders of China

The Wonders of China

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia is China. Pretty sure that Chinese people have a lot to offer because they are known for different tourist attractions, culture, good climate as well as delicious cuisine. It could have been better, if we can all come to China for a trip, so that we can all experience how beautiful life is in China.

Anyway, as a tourist, you will surely visit all the famous attractions in China. So, what are you waiting for? Start booking a flight and get ready for a great summer adventure because you will be visiting China soon.

We have here a list of the best spots that a tourist must not miss to see in China. Get your pen ready and list down the places down for your itinerary.

The Great Wall

You would surely not want to fail stepping on the Great Wall of China because this is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. They say that this Great Wall is seen from the moon, well, why don’t we go to the moon and find out, right?

Anyway, the Great Wall has a lot of stories to share to every traveler coming because this played a very important part in the History of China. You will surely hear different stories from old Chinese folks when you come to the villages and meet the oldies.

If you are in Beijing, then you can reach the Badaling Section of the Great Wall even by public transportation. This section is the most crowded one because it is closer to Beijing. But, if you would like to go directly to the section with least crowd, then you better go to the MuTianYu section of the Great Wall.

The Forbidden City

Another tourist spot that you should not fail to visit is the Forbidden City. This also played a very important role in the History of China. This spot is even close to commoner before because they are not allowed to come in. This place was used to be a house of the emperors with their families. That must be the very reason why only these families can stay in the city.

The Terracotta Warrior

This is another famous attraction in China that you would eagerly want to see. This is near Xian City. This is where you can find thousands of clay warriors standing on guard and these clays are of human sized. In 1974, this spot was discovered and you would surely be surprised at what else is waiting for you there.

The Xian Wall

Do you know that everybody in China can ride a bicycle? Actually, people had been using a bicycle as a means of transportation because of the population. If everybody uses his own car, then pretty sure that traffic jam would be very heavy.

Anyway, you may also visit the Xian Wall with a bicycle. In such a way, you can roam around and visit different spots around. Have a taste of delicious foods, especially their dumpling. After this, you would surely want to come back again.

Let’s go to the Kingdom of Morocco

As a traveler, you surely have plans of traveling around the world, especially in the most visited and famous countries. Actually, that is a dream that everybody may wish for. Who knows, you can someday fulfill your dreams. So, why don’t you make a list of the countries that you would like to visit someday? And then, under each country, you have to list down the tourist attractions as well as the foods that you would like to try there.

It could have been better, if we can all make our dreams come true. But, we are not all fortunate and lucky enough. So, if you are someone, who has the opportunity to travel abroad, then do not ever let that chance pass by. They say that opportunity only knocks ones, so if it is there, then open the door and let it in.

One of the countries that might be on your list is the Kingdom of Morocco, which is actually in the region of North Africa and a homeland of the Berber people. Actually, Morocco is an ideal country to visit, especially if you love mountain hiking, adventure, camping, trekking and cruising. And then, it is also a great spot to visit, if you simply love landscapes and nature’s picturesque. Now, let me take you into a few tourist spots of Morocco.

The Marrakesh Medina

This spot is very famous both for local and foreign visitors. This is an old city with a plaza. You can find here different trading and entertainment spots. Indeed, this is a great place to buy souvenir items as well to taste different varieties of foods from Morocco. When you come here in the evening, you can find the place alive because there are traditional musicians performing as well as acrobats and snake charmers.

The Hassan II Mosque

This mosque is a landmark of Casablanca because it symbolizes Morocco itself. Do you know that about 10,00o artisan completed this 2 hectare site? This is a contemporary and a traditional architectural design of Islam.

The Oudaias Kasbah

If you are looking for a great picturesque, then the Oudaias Kasbah of Rabat is what you are looking for. This place is very far from the city center, so it is a great escape from the crowd of the city. But, what is really amazing here are the houses in colors white and blue. Aside from that you will also find here flower pots with really different colors. This is also an ideal place to experience a real culture of Morocco.

The Chefchaouen

This is an ideal spot for mountain climbers, hikers and trekkers because this is where you can have a great view of the medina. So, you better prepare your bags and start an early hiking in the Rif Mountains.

The Volubilis

This is a Roman Ruin, which is an ideal spot for travelers, who love studying about History. You can find here notable mosaics. And then they have temples, too, that will remind everybody that even the ultimate empires softens.

Most visited tourist attractions in Europe

Many tourists prefer a cheaper and affordable tour around the world. But, sometimes we cannot always choose the cheapest one, especially if we have plans of coming to Europe. Everybody knows that traveling to Europe is some kind of a luxury tour. But, as long as we have enough money for the expenses and as long as this is what will make us happy, then why not give us a chance to visit Europe, if you have the chance, right?

Sometimes, we have to keep in mind that opportunities just only come once in our lifetime. If the door to traveling to Europe has opened, then you must walk in. What if this door will not open again for us? We cannot turn back time and keep on regretting for we missed something wonderful that could have happened. Anyway, for those who would like to come to Europe, we have here a few tourist spots that you would surely love to consider on your visit.

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

It would be ideal to come here in April to June. Do you know that there is one perfect and ideal spot to visit in Switzerland? That is the Staubbach Falls. In my opinion, this is a great spot for family, friends and lovers because they will surely find peace and love between the nature and as human beings. You can find here snow-bound mountains, different landscapes, valleys, glaciers and rocky terrains that would surely turn your summer into a real blast experience.

When you come to Switzerland, do not miss out coming to the Jungfrau mountains  to ski because this is one among the highest summits there. Aside from that, you may also come and visit the Trummelbach, Monch, Eiger Glacier, Mannlichen, hike at the Kleine Scheidegg, cable car ride at Stechelberg and dine in Schilthorn.

Sicily, Italy

Pretty sure that you will be mesmerized by the beauty of Italy’s landscapes. This large and spectacular island in the Mediterranean would surely make you feel overwhelmed, especially if you will have time to walk along the shimmering beaches. You may also enjoy skiing, hiking, canyoning, snorkeling and rafting. In my opinion, this is an ideal place to spend your summer.

So, if you come here, do not miss visiting the Valle dei Templi, which is actually considered as an essence of the Arts as well as culture in Italy. You may come and visit in May until June and from September until October. It could have been better, if you can have the chance to visit Mount Etna, Villa Romana del Casale, Cappella Palatina and Cattedrale di Monreale.

Giethoorn Village, Netherlands

It would be a great experience to move around this village because it has no road. This actually is a real attraction that catches tourist’s attention. They are all curious how come the people are saying that it has no road. Do you know that there are over 180 bridges here as well as countless canals? In my opinion this is so magical and a real charming place to visit this summer.

You may come here in the months of April to the middle of October. Do come and check the museums and parks, too.

Attractive spots to visit in Las Vegas

Most of the people, who are traveling to Las Vegas come and play casino. But, that is not the only thing you can do there. Las Vegas is not just a place for gambling. As tourists, you must learn how to have fun in Las Vegas because sometimes, gambling gets boring. So, do not ever think that this place is not for you because you don’t play gambling games.

Shopping is already a part of any tour because you can always go to different shopping malls or souvenir shops. It is also usual to eat different cuisines. So, what else is new when you are traveling? It’s the fun and excitement that count anyway.

Aside from the iconic spots in Las Vegas, such as the Mirage Volcano as well as the Fountain of Bellagio. Do you know that there are a lot of attractions and activities to do in Las Vegas? We have here a few activities for you to do, so that you can have a taste of the different attractive spots that you and your friends will surely love.

Helicopter Ride

Have you ever tried riding a helicopter? We are talking about a real helicopter here. This will surely be one of the best and most memorable experience that you would love to try when you come to Las Vegas. You may choose a ride during the day or night, whatever time you prefer. You have to book for this helicopter ride and they will surely come and pick you up from your hotel. With this ride, you can enjoy the view of the Stratosphere Tower as well as the exploding Mirage Volcano and the dancing Bellagio fountain.

Aside from that view, you may also choose to have a look of the Hoover Dam, which is actually a landmark in the field of engineering. From here, you can also have a good view of the Lake Mead and the Grand Canyon.

Stratosphere Ride

You have seen the view of the Stratosphere Tower when you had a helicopter ride. So, why don’t you try the adventure rides from the Tinggly. Can you imagine how high a 109 story building? And then, you will fall in a blast from a 160-feet height going down? This is a real adventure and a lot of fun. It will really take you a lot of courage to do this. Anyway, you can also have an access to their observation deck, so this might be your next activity. After that, you can have a drink at the Airbar.

Watch Shows

If you are looking for entertainment, then you must be watching shows in Las Vegas while you are there. They have a lot of options for you, such as theatre shows, stand-up comedy shows and live musical shows like the Cirque du Soleil. You just need to check the schedule of their performances. Many celebrities are coming here to have a show. So, just ask if there are performances scheduled. If you are in Las Vegas, do not ever miss all the great things that you can only find there.

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